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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Senate Cuts Reading First.

Read details below. We will keep you informed.

On July 20th, the Senate appropriations full-committee approved the FY07 Labor-HHS-Education funding bill (HR 5647) by voice vote with $55.8 billion for education.

Senator Byrd (D-WV) offered the only amendment which would have increased Title I funding by $6.1 billion. The amendment failed by voice vote.

Chairman Specter (R-PA) indicated his great disappointment with the funding levels, “constituting what I view as really the disintegration of the appropriate federal role of health, education and worker protections.”

Senator Harkin (D-IA), ranking member, stated that he would work with Senator Specter to add $2 billion more to the bill later in the process.

All numbers are in millions.

Program Increase

Striving Readers +$5.3

Title I- School Improvement +$100

Math and Science Partnerships +$12.8

Advanced Placement Fees +$7.8

Arts in Education +$1.2

Elminated Programs:

Even Start -$99

Comprehensive School Reform -$7.9

State Grants for Innovative Education Programs (title V) -$99

Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities -$36.6

Dropout Prevention -$4.9

Smaller Learning Communities -$93.5

Programs Cuts

Reading First State Grants --$29.2

Early Reading First -$3.1

Improving Teacher Quality State Grants -$140

Javis Gifted and Talented -$4.6

Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities, national programs -$10.0

Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities, state grants -$36.5

Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants -$2.9


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