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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

President's State of Union Speech: Education Policy

(Read more at http://www.whitehouse.gov/stateoftheunion/2007/initiatives/education.html)

"We Must Help Teachers Close The Achievement Gap Through Incentives For Effective Teachers And Research-Based Instructional Tools.

We Will Expand The Teacher Incentive Fund. The Teacher Incentive Fund supports State and local efforts to reward teachers who raise student achievement and work in needy schools.
We Will Retain The Successful Reading First Program And Expand The Striving Readers Program To Ensure Students Have The Literacy Skills They Need To Make Academic Progress. Reading First is the largest, most focused, and most successful early reading initiative ever undertaken in this country. To date, more than 5,600 schools in 1,600 districts nationwide have participated in this program. The Striving Readers Program funds targeted, intensive intervention and quality literacy instruction in school curricula for grades 6-12."


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